“Koh-Lanta Billionaires”: 5 Funny and Spicy Drawings About the Conquest of Mars

After the conquest of the moon, it is Mars’ turn to be the object of all fantasies. And at a time when billionaires are investing astronomical sums to colonize the red planet, illustrator Tienstiens has meanwhile parodied human stupidity.

And if “Star Wars” from fiction to reality? For several years now, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson have had the same unusual and irrational dream: to become emperor of space. It is therefore only natural for these three billionaires to fight to win the frenetic race to capture commercial flights to Mars.

Ecological nonsense at a time when the planet is warming at full speed. In a series of humorous and committed drawings, artist Tienstiens mocks the spatial obsession of the new masters of the world. And to appeal to the greatest number, he was inspired by the show “Koh-Lanta”. The three billionaires are sent to Mars to take on “the craziest challenges”: finding water and synthesizing oxygen.

These funny, ironic and sassy illustrations are to be discovered below (posted on Facebook by Jean-Marc Jancovici) and in comics Koko does not like capitalism”currently on presale on Ulule.

Funny, involved and thoughtful drawings to change mentality. To discover the Tienstiens comic strip, go here.

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