Jean-Pierre Pernaut: a shower of tribute after the death of the star presenter of “TF1”

The television channels are in mourning. This Wednesday, March 2, 2022, Jean-Pierre Pernaut, star host of TF1, died of complications from lung cancer. On social networks, those who have crossed his path pay him a final tribute, in word and image.

He had become the star host of TF1† After thirty-three years at the wheel of the JT of 13H and presented no less than 7,000 television news, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has passed away at the age of 71. For many onlookers, he will remain the one who highlighted the countryside and its heritage.

Since the announcement of his disappearance, the number of tributes on the web has increased. Actors and actresses, journalists, presenters of all channels and media reminisce in the company of the man nicknamed “JPP”. The proof with this selection of 12 emotionally charged tweets:

A final tribute to the face of “TF1”.

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