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Presidential 2022: “Who ***? », the guide for those who do not (yet) know who to vote for

On April 10 and 12, French people are invited to go to the polls to vote in the presidential elections. With 45 applications, including 10 that have passed the 500 sponsorship limit, there is plenty to get lost in between all the proposals. So, to help you see the programs more clearly and make an informed choice, the web and paper debate newspaper Le Drenche has decided to release the guide “Qui ***?”. Inside: analyses, decodes, infographics and debates to understand all about the issues of this election. In the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, Florent, co-founder of Drenche, tells more about this theme issue that helps you find the candidate that best fits your ideas.

Photo: Le Drenche

Can you introduce us? your project

Le Drenche is today the only newspaper to present the pros and cons of each topic. The aim is twofold: on the one hand that readers can form their own opinion and on the other hand better understand those who think differently.

This year, as you are sure, there will be presidential elections. From the feedback we have, it appears that few people are really enthusiastic about the campaign. Countless candidates, confused proposals, inaudible public debate, steeped in polemics and sound bites… Difficult to find your way around, and even harder to get excited.

That is why at Le Drenche we take an approach that is the opposite of what we usually see. Together with our readers, we mapped out the substantive themes of these presidential elections: the things that really matter.

We’re going to bundle them into a special issue (our very first!) so that our readers can make up their own mind about these topics, and then find out what the candidates think too and what they have to offer. † Our goal with this special issue, entitled “Who? A little guide for those who don’t know who to vote for” is that you would (or not) vote voluntarily, and not by default.

Why did you decide to start? in this adventure?

On a personal level, we have met two types of people: either those who are sure of their vote, but cannot explain why, or those who do not know if and who they would vote for. The common point: they always feel powerless in the face of the situation.

Even if ! The presidential election will largely determine the next 5 years and we have a shared feeling that we do not have the resources to make an informed choice.

With Le Drenche, and since the beginning of our adventure 5 years ago, that is what we do: give people the tools to act in society.

Photo: Le Drenche

What message do you want to pass on your action?

We live in a democratic society. Largely flawed, but still democratic. And yet many of us feel that this democracy works poorly. That we are poorly represented, or that the really important matters are rarely discussed. Faced with this, we can see two solutions. The first is that democracy doesn’t work and we need to get out of it. The second, which we believe in, is that democracy can work, but you have to give yourself the tools to do it.

You don’t know who to vote for presidential 2022 † Visit the Drenche Ulule page to find out ” That *** ? “the special edition guide for those wondering about their voice choice!

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