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Invasion of Ukraine: 18 Famous Quotes to Remember What War Really Is

Last night, Russia decided to take action, bomb Ukraine and violate the borders of its neighbors. Result: Europe, our continent, is again at war, a term we forget too often and too easily, all that implies concrete, cruel and absurd misfortunes. So, to remember what it’s really about and expose the risks, it’s probably best to dive back into the citations of great authors. Here are 18.

“War, a slaughter of people who do not know each other, for the benefit of people who know each other but do not slaughter each other.”

Paul Valery

“War feeds war.“

French proverb

“Whoever wants war is at war with himself.“


“A war between Europeans is a civil war.“

Victor Hugo

“Every war is a Manichaeism.“

Jean Paul Sartre

“Make love, not war!“

Anonymous/American slogan from 1968

“We don’t go to war to get rid of the war.“

Jean Jaures

“The Secretary of War has resigned. The war is suppressed.“

Jules Renard

“War is not an adventure. War is a disease. Like typhoid.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

“All the ills that war claims to cure are less terrible than the war itself.“

Victor Margaret

“The real losers in war are the dead.“

Ernest Renan

“When the war comes, the devil magnifies his hell.“

spanish proverb

“ The profits are good as long as the war lasts! The war lasts as long as entrepreneurs find their profit in it.“

Jacques Lamarché

“Humanity will have to end war, or war will end mankind.“

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

“In a war it is always the adversary who starts.“

Francis Blanche

“War is an evil that dishonors mankind.“


“The first casualty of war is the truth.“

Rudyard Kipling

“War justifies the existence of the military. By removing them.“

Henry Jeanson

Phrases from which the world should perhaps draw more inspiration…

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