France is the European country with the most women on the boards of directors of listed companies

London rose to second, behind Paris, of the world’s financial centers with the most women on boards of directors last year, with nearly 40% in the main index, according to a study published on Tuesday, Feb. 22. Paris maintains lead with 43.80% of board positions of CAC 40 women-owned companies

Despite these advances, there are still far fewer women in top positions, especially in the head of these companies, according to data from the FTSE Women Leaders Review, a study commissioned by the UK government. †

France, in first place in the ranking

The number of women on the boards of directors of the FTSE 100, the main index of the London market, increased from 12.5% ​​to 39.10% in ten yearsthe study said. London has moved from fifth to second place in a year. The United Kingdom overtook Norway in 2021, which is in third place with 38.20%.

In France, at the top of the ranking, 43.80% of the board positions of CAC 40 companies are held by womenaccording to data made public on Tuesday, February 22.

The British government emphasizes in a press release the good results of its “voluntary and corporate approach” making him “Leave countries like Norway ahead, which has a mandatory quota system”

In France, the Copé-Zimmermann law has imposed a 40% quota of women on boards of directors since 2011. Maize only three women are currently named CEO of a CAC 40 companytwo of which will take office later this year.

A target of 40% women on boards

Across the Channel, only 9 women run any of the FTSE 100 companies today. At the time the survey closed, they were ranked 18th in the FTSE 350 index, which brings together the 350 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Also in the general management and the chairmanship of the board of directors there are only four female couples.

Faced with the inequalities that persist in high-responsibility roles, the published study sets the – non-binding – target for FTSE 350 companies to reach 40% of women on boards of directors but also on management teams, or to have at least one woman in one of the highest positions in the company, such as general management or chairman of the board.

The government is also preparing to make a series of proposals “to promote equality for women at work”for its part, Minister for Women and Equality appointed Liz Truss – who is also Secretary of State – quoted in the press release.


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