In Sweden, this shopping center only sells recycled and second-hand products

Perhaps you want or need something new in your home or in your life. But does it have to be new or just new to you? Retuna, Sweden looks like an ordinary shopping center with shops dedicated to clothing, electronics and household goods. But there is a big difference: everything is second-hand. And recycling takes place on location.

A large area where nothing new is sold, only second hand and recycled products. Welcome to Retuna, the first sustainable supermarket to break with unbridled consumption and planned obsolescence.

dwindling resources

Improved productivity has brought us a plethora of new products, and our societies have seen the birth of shopping malls. Hundreds of millions of tons of new products are sold there every year. Some ultimately prove useless, others end up in the trash after thousands of miles. Our consumption practices are undoubtedly the most important factor to review to give us hope of a viable horizon for our future generations.

The recycled shopping center

A hundred kilometers west of Stockholm, the town of Eskilstuna had a revolutionary idea. She created the world’s first recycling gallery. Retuna is a shopping center dedicated to recycling and zero waste. An association recovers products that the local population no longer uses. Craftsmen, craftsmen and other volunteers work to give them a new lease of life. New consumers are no longer necessarily looking for new products, but for functional ones. Upcycling could thus become the future of shopping centers. Each person hides forgotten treasures in the house, objects waiting for a new life, a new story.

(ETX Daily Up)

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