VIDEO. Australia reopens its borders after 2 years of closure: a great moment of emotion

Australia’s isolation lasted nearly 600 days. Remember, the country closed its borders on March 20, 2020 to limit the spread of Covid-19. Two long years in which many families were separated. But today the hour of reunion has come…

This Monday, February 21, marks the first day of the reopening of the Australian borders to vaccinated tourists. For two years, only citizens and permanent residents could enter and leave the country (but under certain conditions). Strict restrictions that have clearly turned the lives of many couples, friends and families upside down.

As a result, Sydney and Melbourne airports have been overcrowded since yesterday and no fewer than 56 international flights have landed in 24 hours. Hundreds of people have been reunited with their loved ones after long months of separation. This is the case of a Sydney resident impatiently waiting for the arrival of his best friend whom he hadn’t seen since 2018, or of a grandfather who spent eight years hugging his little girl.

These reunions were filmed by journalists, as evidenced by these joyful and emotional videos shared by Reuters and theAFP

This drastic border closure has cost 2.27 billion euros per month, according to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Now all that remains is to welcome tourists from all corners of the world with open arms.

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