In Denmark, the government wants to ban the sale of cigarettes to young people born after 2010

Denmark announced a plan on Tuesday to keep the next generation smoke-free and is considering banning the sale of nicotine products to anyone born from 2010.

“Our goal is that everyone born in 2010 and after that will never smoke or use nicotine products again”Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said at a press conference.

“If necessary, we stand ready to ban sales to this generation by gradually raising the age limit” that it can be bought, he explained.

Current regulations prohibit Danes under the age of 18 from buying tobacco or smoking e-cigarettes.

Nevertheless, 31% of 15-29 year olds smoke, the minister stressed, and smoking, the leading cause of cancer in the Scandinavian country, causes 13,600 deaths a year in this state of 5.8 million inhabitants.

According to a survey commissioned by the Danish Cancer Society, 64% of respondents are in favor of the plan. This is 67% among 18-34 year olds.

New Zealand, a pioneer in the fight against smoking, announced in December that it wanted to phase out tobacco sales by raising the smoking age from 2027.

In Denmark, the Social Democratic government also wants to tackle alcohol use among young people.

In particular, the age limit for purchasing alcoholic beverages is raised to 18 years, compared to 16 years earlier for all beverages with less than 16.5% alcohol.


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