Here’s an origami boat to introduce your kids to the art of folding

Do you have any children? Do you want to introduce them to origami? Today we invite you to discover how to make an origami in the shape of a boat to introduce them to this art of folding.

What if we set the screens aside for a few minutes to do a little activity with our kids? In this very simple and easily accessible tutorial, made by Laetitia from the Laetitutos YouTube channel, you will discover how to make a small origami boat!

This easy origami is especially suitable for children. To do this tutorial you will need a 6″ by 6″ origami sheet as well as your 10 fingers! We invite you to discover all this. Look.

Do you like origami and want to discover other tutorials? We invite you to discover and subscribe to Laetitutos’ channel on YouTube. Nicely observated!

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