To move, these homeless people in Morbihan are building their own tiny houses

Giving homeless people the opportunity to build their own house: that is the idea of ​​Amisep, a Breton association that fights against insecurity. The eight tiny houses under construction make it possible to bring dissociated people together around a common project, namely finding a roof.

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to do together

In Séné, in the Gulf of Morbihan, an extraordinary construction site starts every morning: from 8.30 am, homeless people work together to build ecological mini-homes. They are supervised by social educators from Amisep, who responded to a project call from Dihal at the end of 2020. The primary aim of this volunteer project is to restore the trust of marginalized people.

“Some are there every day, while others arrive completely excited and never come back. It is a device that should make it possible to accommodate people who do not find their place anywhere. †

Simon Robitaille, project leader for The Express

The framework is not very restrictive and lunch is offered to the participants. The tasks are divided according to the abilities of each. The advantage of such an enterprise: to give everyone the taste of a joint effort, in a relaxed atmosphere. Benoît, one of the volunteers on the site, testifies: “I had a difficult phase and an addiction … The little one allowed me to take a bath physically and mentally again”

The project should last three years, with the construction of eight tiny houses.

get off the street

A lucky few get the chance to become a tenant of a tiny, a godsend in this region where ” the country is under tension “. Appointed by the Integrated Reception and Orientation Service (SIAO) of Vannes, they will be able to live in the small houses against payment of a symbolic financial contribution. The conditions: have participated in the construction site and have not found a standard housing solution. This is it case of Pascal, 52, looking forward to it:

” It’s perfect. I used to live in a caravan. It’s better there (…). It’s a total change. Here we are freer (than in a building), we go straight outside. »

Pascal for The Express

Small houses for a big step forward: by working together we rebuild ourselves.

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