Veganuary has increased sales of vegan products from the Aldi group in the UK by 500%

In the United Kingdom, the Aldi group has been able to surf on the success of Veganuary. Sales of its vegan products rose 500% last month, compared to January 2021, reports vegetarian. This increase is mainly attributed to the growing number of people signing up for this challenge, which consists of eating vegan in the month of January. The 2022 edition attracted more than 600,000 participants across the Channel, a record.

The hard discount supermarket chain has taken advantage of Veganuary to expand its vegan range, including faux-mage, plant-based ice cream, a bacon alternative, vegan ready meals and more. The group also offers a more affordable range than the major vegan brands. For example, the recently launched supermarket faux-mage is cheaper than other supermarkets or brands like Sheese, while the Ultimate No Beef burgers are 60% cheaper than the Beyond brand products.

In addition to establishing itself as a vegan reference in the UK, Aldi UK is also targeting the vegan product market in other countries. In 2020, the group received PETA awards for its vegan lines in the United States and Germany.

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