Gender equality: since 1 March 2022, companies have new obligations

Adopted and promulgated in December 2021, the measures of the Act of 24 December 2021 aimed at accelerating economic and professional equality, known as the “Rixain Act”, entered into force on Tuesday 1 March 2022, as in reminded the gallery† What are these new measures? What should companies apply? For what reasons? Here is a reminder of the measures envisaged by law and directly related to companies

A salary must be deposited into the employee’s account

Companies are now obliged to “pay the wages or social benefits into a bank or postal account of which the employee or the beneficiary is the holder or joint holder”, we can read on the site “Vie Publique”. In addition, the employee cannot “appoint a third party to receive his salary”† Purpose of the measure: “Do not deprive women of their economic independence, especially in the event of divorce”

40% women in leadership positions by 2030

After the introduction of quotas for boards of directors (“Copé-Zimmermann law” of January 27, 2011), the law goes further and now imposes quotas on companies for better representation of women on board of directors. “The aim is to impose quotas of 30% of female executives and from 30% of female board members in 2027and then quota of . reach 40% by 2030we can read on the site of “Vie Publique”.

Companies are granted a maximum period of two years to comply. After the expiry of this period, financial sanctions may be imposed on them up to “maximum 1% of the wage bill”

Companies with at least 1,000 employees must publish an annual report on their website “possible differences in representation between women and men among their senior executives and members of their governing bodies (the original text spoke of ‘positions of greater responsibility’)”further specifies the official government website.

Gender Equality Index in Business: Better Transparency

This index, which concerns companies with more than 50 employees, was created by the law of September 5, 2018 “improved” according to elected officials. In concrete terms, companies will not only have to report figures, but also have to deliver “the corrective actions and the progress targets they set themselves. † For more information you can consult the website of the Ministry of Labor.

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