Covid-19: the end of the mask and vaccine pass is before March 14

On January 24, 2022, the vaccination pass became mandatory to access certain places open to the public. But faced with the improvement of the health situation in France, Emmanuel Macron has just announced the end of this device.

From Monday 14 March you no longer need a vaccination pass to go to the cinema, museum, cafe, restaurant or even with interregional transport. Here is the announcement made by Jean Castex, this Thursday March 3rd. On the same day, wearing a face mask indoors will be abolished in almost all places, except on public transport. However, the health pass remains necessary in medical institutions, such as hospitals and nursing homes. For its part, the vaccination obligation for nursing staff will continue to exist.

“The situation is improving thanks to our joint efforts, so from Monday 14 March I will announce the suspension of the vaccination pass where it applies. †

John Castex

It should be noted that these measures are “suspended” and can therefore be reactivated if the health situation requires it.

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