Gardening: how to grow a melon from seed?

A must-have summer vegetable-fruit, melon can be eaten as an appetizer, appetizer, main course or dessert. And instead of tossing your seeds in the trash, as we all too often do, know that you can grow them in the garden to enjoy new crops. Here are all the steps to follow!

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Which melon to choose?

To keep the odds on your side, certain strains are preferred. This is the case with melons of an old variety, for example the Lunéville melon. Ask your scoop for advice to help you make the right choice. Be careful, avoid at all costs so-called “hybrid” varieties, such as “F1”. And rightly so, the latter are essentially the result of a cross between two types of fruit trees and can vary from germination to germination.

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How to prepare the seeds?

When the tasting is over, set aside about ten seeds and rinse with clean water. Then dip them in a bowl and discard any that float. This simple and effective technique makes it possible to eliminate all glitches that are not viable in an instant. Finally, let them dry for at least 14 days away from light and heat (garage, closet, laundry room, etc.).

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How to sow the seeds?

The melon is sown from the end of March to April, once the frost has passed. If you live in the south of France, you can sow the seeds directly into the ground, as long as the soil is nutritious. On the contrary, if you live in a cooler region, it is better to sow in a bucket. Fill the pots with a mixture of soil and potting soil, place the seeds, point downwards and cover with substrate. That’s it, you just need to water it lightly. Your hard work should be rewarded after just a week.

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How do you put the plants in the ground?

As soon as your melon plant is well developed, you can carefully plant it out in the ground, under a greenhouse or frame from mid-May. Your soil should be rich and well aerated, so don’t hesitate to provide it with homemade fertilizer. Water regularly, especially in hot weather.

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So now you know how to grow a melon from seed. Did you like this article? Here are 8 tips for storing, preserving and reusing your seeds in the kitchen

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