Against mosquitoes AND the heat wave, here’s a new tip: the refreshing mosquito net

In summer, sleep can be greatly disturbed by two seasonal phenomena: mosquitoes and heat. In fact, when the two strike at the same time, the night can become downright painful. Fortunately, in Gironde, a few scientists (Nathalie and François Kapitein has developed a unique accessory to address these two problems: a cooling mosquito net that blocks the passage of unwanted substances while lowering the temperature of the air entering your home. explanation.

This device, called Mostiglass, which is installed in the window frames, is in the form of a transparent panel pierced with numerous holes. The transparent aspect allows the light to pass through (maintaining all the brightness of the room), while the holes, oval in shape and drilled into funnels, allow air to pass through and, even better, cool down when entering the room. room.

Nathalie Capitaine, physicist, quoted by France 3:

It is a well-known process from physicsThe air is accelerated in the hole and the pressure decreases causing the temperature to drop. At 29° there is a decrease of 4°. And the warmer it is outside, the greater the temperature difference will be.”

Cooler air, but also quiet nights, without mosquitoes. Mostiglass is said to be 100% effective against tiger mosquitoes. The holes are large enough for air to pass through and small enough to block the passage.

The marketing of these refreshing mosquito nets started in 2020. Target group: individuals and communities.

François Capitaine, chemist:

What we lack today is fame. We must make ourselves known to develop in France and internationally

Given global warming and the spread of tiger mosquitoes, this need could be met quickly.

To learn more about Mostiglass, go here.

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