How to grow cucumbers? 7 tips for harvesting all summer long.

Summer vegetable par excellence, the cucumber invites itself to our plate when the beautiful days drag on. Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčinto a salad, sticks dipped in hummus or tucked into a sandwich, this soggy vegetable is easy to grow in a vegetable garden. How to grow it successfully and enjoy a good harvest during the season? Here are some tips to apply.

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Sowing cucumbers in buckets

It is better to start sowing cucumbers in pots, from March to April. After keeping them in a warm place, the seedlings can be transplanted at the end of May.

Place the plants in a sunny spot

Like many vegetables, cucumbers should be planted in a location with adequate sunlight for much of the day. Thanks to this light, the cucumber plants will be able to grow well, but will also reduce the risk of mold.

Enrich the soil with compost

To grow well, cucumbers need nutrient-rich, well-draining soil. To do this, simply add compost directly into the planting holes. To learn more about compost, read this article: How To Properly Balance Your Garden Compost?

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Protect your plants from fungus

As we have seen, planting your plants in a sunny area throughout the day helps fight mold, especially those caused by morning dew. To keep up the momentum and protect the cucumbers from heavy rain, it is best to plant them on mounds. In this way, the main stems of the plants are protected from overflowing water.

Combining cucumbers with the right plants

Lovers of permaculture or the vegetable garden in squares know that a good association between plants can promote their growth but also prevent the spread of certain diseases. As for cucumbers, you can grow radishes with them, as well as lettuce, tomatoes or even spinach. They thus form a kind of bulwark against insects and make it possible to do without chemicals and therefore toxic products for the environment and biodiversity. Never plant any other cucumbers or cucurbits after that, or you will see diseases develop in your vegetable garden.

Water regularly

Like many vegetables, cucumber plants should be watered regularly and generously. Mulch to reduce watering and allow the soil to retain its moisture.

Harvest at the right time

To promote the growth of your plants and the multiplication of the fruits, it is enough to harvest the cucumbers regularly, about 3 to 4 months after sowing. The longer you wait, the more the cucumbers absorb seeds and become bitter.

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