Garden: well used, pepper can repel pests and protect your vegetable garden

Did you know ? Pepper is a very effective natural repellent. It repels insects or other animals that can harm the proper development of your plants, without posing a danger to them. explanation.

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Pepper is not to everyone’s taste

Generally valued by people for flavoring their dishes, pepper does not enjoy the same success on insects. The strong smell and taste act as an effective natural repellent. The same goes for dogs, cats, foxes…

According to My garden and my housewho tested it, this method guarantees excellent results to keep annoying little critters away in the vegetable garden: without harming them, pepper keeps them away.


  • Which pepper to use? It is advisable to grind the peppercorns yourself: the released aroma will only become stronger. Otherwise, you can use black pepper or cayenne pepper.
  • Where to sprinkle? Ground, mix the pepper directly with your seedlings. You can also pepper the soil at the base of your plants.

A simple and effective method to preserve your plants, in good friendship with insects!

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