Google maps finally offers the most economical routes

As the price of fuel continues to rise, our eyes remain on the “fuel gauge”. To help us save a lot of money, Google maps will soon offer a promising new feature. Please explain this beneficial innovation for our portfolio.

Today, all means are good to save fuel: opt for carpooling, group your trips in a single trip or even buy an electric car. Sometimes limiting solutions in terms of organization.

This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, on the occasion of an annual developer conference, Google, and more specifically its CEO, Sundar Pichai, presented the new features of Google Maps. And the least we can say is that one of them could please a large number of motorists. And rightly so, this option allows users to choose the most fuel-efficient route. Goal ? Reduce consumption and environmental impact. This new functionality has been available in the United States since this Wednesday and will be available in Europe in 2022.

Photo: AngieYeoh/Shutterstock

But this state-of-the-art option holds other surprises. To raise global awareness of global warming, Google Maps also allows users to view information about carbon emissions from air travel. Goal ? Raise the collective consciousness.

Now all that remains is to test this new feature…

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