Garden: to have beautiful tomatoes in the vegetable garden, prepare comfrey fertilizer

We know the many virtues of nettle manure and ivy manure, but do you know comfrey manure? If you grow tomatoes, know that this natural mixture could become your best ally. Discovery.

Comfrey fertilizer: an ally for your tomatoes

Comfrey is a hardy perennial that grows in moist places, such as streams, ditches and forest edges. It has small, colorful flowers that attract pollinating insects all summer long. But if it appeals to gardeners, it’s because it’s extremely effective in liquid fertilizer. Indeed, once fermented, comfrey promotes plant growth and stimulates flowering and fruiting certain fruits, such as tomatoes.

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Comfrey fertilizer recipe

Want to make a comfrey fertilizer to fertilize your plants, including your tomatoes? Nothing could be simpler: collect 1 kg comfrey leaves very fresh. Then cut them and mix them with 10 liters of rainwater in a plastic bucket or wooden tub. Once this is done, place the mixture in the shade and at room temperature (20-23°C) for 5-10 days, stirring every other day. Once the fermentation bubbles are gone, filter the mixture.

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How to use comfrey fertilizer?

In front of stimulate growth of your seedlings and young plants, apply comfrey fertilizer (previously diluted to 5%) on your plants and repeat the operation approximately every 15 days. If you want promote fruiting fruit, spray the mixture diluted to 10%, every 10 to 15 days.

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That’s it, you now know how to prepare comfrey fertilizer. Did you like this article? Discover the 4 best natural fertilizers to boost the growth of your tomatoes.

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