Fires: in the Var, volunteers follow the smallest trace of a starting fire

Fire outbreaks can be of natural, criminal or accidental origin. So to give the firefighters some peace of mind, big-hearted volunteers have given themselves two missions: guarding the area and raising awareness among the walkers.

Every summer there are fires due to the negligence of holidaymakers: campfire in a risk area, cigarette butt thrown in the forest, use of flammable products in the middle of drought… In the town of Draguignan, in the Var, residents and Local residents have therefore decided take action to end these preventable fire outbreaks. How ? By organizing laps of several kilometers in the forest massifs.

Aboard their vehicle, these volunteers investigate the slightest trace of a fire in order to be able to extinguish the fire as long as it is still “controllable”. “We do all vehicle checks, whether the tires are properly inflated, whether the water supply is full, whether the lance is filled”explains one of the villagers to our brothers and sisters of France 2. So they are all ready to intervene at any time.

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But that’s not all, during these rounds, the inhabitants of Draguignan remind them of the good behavior to have during a walk in the heart of nature. Objective ? Awareness and empowerment of walkers. Thanks to their mobilization, these volunteers hope to prevent new devastating fires…

Measures to be taken to prevent forest fires

  • Don’t smoke in the woods
  • Do not make a fire near a forest
  • Do not use power tools that can cause sparks in an explosive atmosphere
  • Be careful with the barbecue in times of drought
  • Do not plant flammable plants near your home
  • Do not keep firewood, paint, solvents, gas or fuel tanks near your home if you live in a risk area

Congratulations to these volunteers for their precious help.

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