Garden: give the vegetables in your vegetable garden a boost with the recipe for nettle manure, a natural fertilizer

The nettle suffers from its bad reputation. However, it is a very useful plant, especially in the garden. It turns into fertilizer and nourishes your vegetable plants, but also keeps aphids and mites away from your precious plants. Whether you have a classic or square vegetable garden, using it will be very beneficial to you, especially if the growing method you are adopting requires a significant amount of fertilizer. Thanks to nettle, you don’t have to buy chemicals to boost your plants, because you have an organic and equally powerful ingredient in your hands.

Nettle fertilizer recipe

You don’t have to be a gardener to make your own nettle fertilizer. To do this, you just need to mix 1 kg of chopped nettles with 10 liters of rainwater in a bucket. Once done, place the mixture in the shade for 5-10 days, stirring every other day (bubbles should be completely gone). If an unsavory odor escapes from the seal, this is completely normal. Filter your mixture to retain only the juice and place your leftover nettles in the compost.

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How to use nettle fertilizer?

All you need to do is use your nettle fertilizer when watering. It makes no sense to water your plants too regularly with nettle fertilizer (diluted in water). Learn about its uses depending on the vegetables you want to grow in your vegetable garden.

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