Macron-Le Pen debate: Thomas Wiesel offers a satirical account with heartfelt dark humor

Missed the debate between the two rounds and want to catch up on the viewing? Many media outlets have done their fact-finding and summarized the main positions of candidate Emmanuel Macron and candidate Marine Le Pen. For his part, the Swiss humorist Thomas Wiesel suggested a slightly more specific format on his Facebook page. The comedian, installed in front of his television, took a photo and reported strong moments and comments from this long exchange, broadcast on TF1 and France 2 simultaneously, on Wednesday evening 20 April. Result ? A satirical report with dark humor well felt.

When Marine Le Pen explains that her obsession… “that the French can work in their own country”Thomas Wiesel replies: “That’s why the RN’s parliamentary assistants in Brussels work for the party in France and not for Brussels”† A reference to a case, particularly disclosed by media part and in which Marine Le Pen is “suspected of fictitiously employing several of its parliamentary assistants, with European funds”

For his part, Emmanuel Macron also takes it for his rank. When the candidate for president throws at his opponent: “You talk about your banker, when you talk about Russia.” Thomas Wiesel adds his two cents to remind Emmanuel Macron of one of his most recent pans: “Boom! McKinsey charged 200,000 euros for this punch”† Indeed, the president of the republic has been targeted in a senatorial report because of his ties to the consulting firm, as has been recalled France news† McKinsey was consulted by the government on political decisions and the note is beyond salt. According to parliamentarians, the bills rose to 893.9 million euros in 2021.

For the rest of this humorous yet informative recap, browse Thomas Wiesel’s photos here:

I watched the Marine Le Pen – Emmanuel Macron debate, I don’t know if I could have said more nonsense than the two, but I tried

Posted by Thomas Wiesel on Wednesday 20 April 2022

An approach to the news that is as hard as it is hilarious.

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