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Garden: 8 Plants To Repel Wasps Naturally

With summer comes the season for melons, peaches, cherries and other sweet fruits. These good smells and tastes attract many insects, including wasps. However, if they are essential for biodiversity and an integral part of the food chain, wasps can interfere during a meal on a patio or in the garden. Good news: there’s no need to make or buy a trap to be quiet. You can easily surround your outdoor space or your garden table with a few plants. Some have a natural repellent effect. Here are which ones.


It’s the smell of absinthe (Artemisia absinthium) which repel wasps, but also other insects such as flea beetles, gastropods, imported cabbage worms and aphids. Grow them in the ground and isolate them at least three feet from other crops. Before eating on the patio or in the garden, cut off a few leaves and place them on the table to keep away wasps and other species you don’t want to invite to this sharing moment.

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sweet woodruff

Flying insects, such as wasps, do not like sweet woodruff (Galium odoratum). Install it in the shade and that should be enough to keep it happy and repel wasps. If your plants are a little too far from the space in your garden that you want to protect, cut branches from the sweet woodruff, dry them and put them on the table in small bouquets. Something to combine the useful with the pleasant.

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Wasps, mosquitoes, flies or aphids… All these insects do not like the aurone (Artemisia abrotanum). Grown in the vegetable garden or orchard, it repels unwanted insects. Also, rub some aurone on your skin to keep bugs away and prevent bites. You can also dry young shoots and present them in bouquets in your home to repel insects in the long term (6 to 12 months). Practical and natural!

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We no longer present lemongrass! Best ally of those who are afraid of insects, citronella repels both wasps and mosquitoes. Grow it in a pot in your kitchen, on your patio or on your balcony. To increase the repellent effect, finely chop a few leaves and place them on your table or in your kitchen.

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rose geraniums

This flower is not only of aesthetic importance. Planted in a planter or in a hanging pot near your patio, windows and front door, it’s also a perfect remedy for wasps. It would be a shame to rob yourself!

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Again, don’t deprive yourself of lavender. Place them in pots or planters in places and areas where you want to be quiet. The scent will delight people and scare away wasps.

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Not only for mojitos (to be consumed in moderation), mint is useful in the summer. As you have understood, this perennial is not much appreciated by wasps. Again, you can plant a few meters around your terrace or simply put a few sprigs of mint around you while you enjoy your aperitif in peace.

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The last plant that can save you the day if the wasps prove to be a little too persistent: thyme! This time, take a few sprigs of thyme, put them in a bowl and burn them before a meal or a nap outside.

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