Garbage collectors strike: hundreds of volunteers came to Marseille to clean the beaches

For more than two weeks, the conflict between the garbage collectors and the metropolis of Aix-Marseille-Provence has been bogged down. The third strike in just four months. As a result, 3,000 tons of garbage piled up in the streets, often ending up on the beaches, propelled by the wind gusts…

Despite the announced return of the workers on February 2, the scale of the collection mission remains colossal. Especially on the beaches, where the waste carried by the wind has spread everywhere. In order to save their environment, several hundred residents of the city of Marseille have mobilized to clean the beaches of Marseilles polluted with waste.

They responded to the call from environmental protection organizations such as: Clean my Calanques, very active in the field of waste collection in nature. However, the founder, Éric Akopian, confides in him: France news“It pains me to still have to ask civilians to do the work. But the proof is that this mobilization proves how much they love their city. †

On Sunday, February 6, a hundred volunteers, armed with gloves, pliers and garbage bags, collected more than a ton of waste scattered throughout the mistral. Cans, cardboard, cigarette butts or plastic waste were then sorted and some will be recycled.

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