Emira D’Spain is the first black transgender woman to work with Victoria’s Secret

Long criticized for its lack of diversity, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand welcomes Emira D’Spain to its ranks. It is the first time that the brand, known for its very popular fashion shows, has partnered with a trans and black model.

“I am honored to be the first black transgender to work for Victoria’s Secret. † The news was announced by Emira D’Spain on her Instagram account. “As a child I dreamed of being part of Victoria’s Secret”writes the 25-year-old model again before mentioning her colleague Valentina Sampaio, who “cleared the way” by being the first trans model to collaborate with the famous brand.

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“It is an honor to continue this legacy”adds Emira D’Spain, who launched her partnership with the brand through a video on TikTok. to place “Get ready with me”, Valentine’s Day special and in which she selected Victoria’s Secret pieces. It’s not yet known if the young woman will be part of the brand’s traditional annual parade, reserved for a handful of privileged women until then.

A model of self love

As detailed to miss, Emira D’Spain is originally from Dubai but grew up in Dallas, Texas (US). She has a lot of influence on the social network TikTok, where she is followed by almost 780,000 people. Specializing in beauty and novelty in the market, she is appreciated for her advice and humor. Queen of social networks, the model also has a presence on Snapchat, where she has the . host show “Snatchural”, in collaboration with the magazine paper

“All my work is based on self-confidence and self-love”the model said in a statement: Seventeen“I want to empower young trans women and men around the world to show them that the beauty and fashion industry is changing! Especially if you are a non-white person. I am so grateful to be working with Victoria’s Secret and hope it clears the way for those after me. † The road to success already seems clear to him.

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