Tino, a cat found alone in a TGV train, was able to find its owner thanks to SNCF agents

Terminus, everyone gets out… well, almost. A cat was found alone in a transport bag, Sunday, January 30, on one of the Tarbes-Paris TGV trains at Montparnasse station. The cat, christened Tino, was taken care of by SNCF agents who conducted the investigation. Thanks to their mobilization and after a real odyssey, Tino and his master, who is hard of hearing, were able to be reunited.

On Sunday, January 30, 2022, the TGV Tarbes-Paris arrives at Montparnasse station, its terminus. The belts are gradually emptying but a piece of “luggage” seems to have been forgotten by one of the passengers. This is a carrier bag that contains Tino, a cat that is visibly separated from its owner. Faced with this discovery, SNCF employees contacted the animal protection association “Les Anges du Rail” – whose volunteers are mainly SNCF agents, 30 Millions d’Amis reports. The organization takes the cat to a vet and, since the cat is microchipped, tries to reach the owner via the number stated on the form. In vain.

The association publishes a wanted post on its Facebook page and on the Pet Alert site, but night falls and the lost cat still hasn’t found its owner or its home. Vincent, an Anges du Rail volunteer, offers to pick up the hangover for the night. The founder of the association finally gets the long-awaited call late at night: At midnight I got a call from a completely panicked mother. Her son, who is hard of hearing, told her that her cat had disappeared. He was sick with fear of being robbed.”says Iman, creator of the collective, interviewed by 30 Million Friends.

Kevin, 22 years old and owner of Tino Est, introduced Vincent. Two days later he finds his four-legged friend. A happy ending made possible by a “great momentum of solidarity from the agents of the Montparnasse train station”greetings Iman. The latter reminds us of the importance of labeling all our luggage on the train, including: “living beings travel in a carrying case”

A crazy odyssey for Tino the cat, who was able to find his young owner thanks to a chain of solidarity.

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