Francis Cabrel offers his harp to a young 12-year-old musician who dreamed of owning one

Seeing a princess playing the harp in a cartoon, 12-year-old Enora decided to take the plunge. For almost a year now, the young musician has been performing on the markets of Lot-et-Garonne to raise money and realize her dream: to buy a concert harp. His determination did not go unnoticed by singer Francis Cabrel, who decided to give him a beautiful gift.

A few days ago, Enora Cenou was on the market of Astaffort with her harp. While she was stringing the tunes to try and collect a few pieces, singer Francis Cabrel, a resident of the village, came to meet her to give her an unexpected gift. He gave her his own Celtic harp, as reported the Parisian

Determined to buy the harp of her dreams

For more than a year, the 12-year-old harpist has regularly performed her instrument in the markets of Agen and the surrounding area with one goal in mind: to buy the harp of her dreams.“She has been playing a Celtic harp for six years, but now wants to play an expensive concert harp”, says Vanessa Cenou, Enora’s mother, pointing out that the family “has limited resources”† The young musician had spotted a second-hand harp in Limoges for 10,000 euros.

Moved by the self-denial of the young girl, the interpreter of I love her to death contacted Enora’s mother by e-mail to inform her of her new year’s resolution. “To see it in real life is great”excites the young girl, who dreams of doing a duet with the French artist.

Harp provided by Francis Cabrel to facilitate solidarity rental. #Enora

Posted by Harpinbag on Saturday 5 March 2022

A participative cat to travel to Ireland

In parallel with her street concerts, Enora has also launched a participation cat where she has already collected almost 3,000 euros, while her dream still exists to be able to get hold of a concert harp.

Thanks to Francis Cabrel’s generous gift, the young girl now has new ambitions: “It is a Celtic harp that, with the permission of Monsieur Cabrel, we are going to rent out at a reasonable price to young people who cannot afford one. With the money we are raising, we will be able to pay for a trip with the other students in our music class to a major harp festival in Ireland in October.”indicates that Parisian the Agen musician.

A generous and moving donation in the service of music and sharing.

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