Citigroup bank will pay for travel for women leaving Texas for abortions

US bank Citigroup, which resigned not to let its employees down, announced that they would pay their travel expenses to go to another state for an abortion. This unprecedented decision comes after the state of Texas amended the voluntary termination of pregnancy law and banned abortion after six weeks.

Of the bank’s 65,000 U.S. employees, more than 8,500 live in the ultra-conservative state of Texas. Since September, however, a law widely frowned upon at the national level has banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. Worse, a system has emerged that encourages cancellation. Thus, instituting legal proceedings against a person who helped or encouraged a woman to terminate her pregnancy after the legal term could earn the plaintiff $10,000 if his complaint is upheld…

An untenable legal situation for many Americans. That is why Citigroup announced its clear position in a press release on Tuesday, March 15.“In response to changes in reproductive health care laws in some states of the United States, we will provide travel benefits beginning in 2022 to facilitate access to adequate resources”says the bank.

In response to this shocking law and the restrictions that increasingly threaten other conservative US states, companies in other industries have decided to support their employees. As reported by New York Times, Dating app Bumble has set up an emergency fund for its workers seeking abortions in the state. Private driver companies Lyft and Uber said they would cover the legal costs of drivers who transport women to clinics for abortions. Finally, Shar Dubey, the chief executive of Match Group –, OKCupid and Tinder – has set up a fund to support employees covered by the legislation.

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