VIDEO. This stork has become Amiens’ mascot

Since October, a new resident has been causing a stir in Amiens. It has long legs, black and white plumage and a sharp orange-red bill.† Did you recognize him? It is clearly a stork.

She walks on the roof of vehicles, strolls in the parking lot of a clinic and goes out to meet the population. This is what the funny everyday life of the stork of Amiens looks like. Since October 2021, this naturally not very shy bird has attracted the attention of the inhabitants of the commune of Hauts-de-France.

A week after its discovery, the stork was taken in by animal protection associations before being released into the ornithological park of Marquenterre, on the Somme. The story could very well have ended there, but this auspicious bird decided otherwise. About ten days later he had reached his new stronghold: the city of Amiens.

Watch (a signed video France Blue

As a reminder, it is not uncommon for this migratory bird to settle near our homes. In addition, the white stork has been fully protected in France since the ministerial decree of April 17, 1981. A measure that has proven itself, because in 2021 this species has never been so numerous in Alsace.

A mascot that makes the people of Amiens and Amiens happy.

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