Every Friday the NYC public school menu is now vegan

This Friday, February 4, public schools in New York City will open Vegan Fridays. This initiative includes serving all-vegan menus to students in their cafeterias every Friday. Led by Mayor Eric Adams, the measure aims to boost the adoption of healthier foods among 930,000 students in New York, the largest school district in the United States.

Vegan tacos, Mediterranean pasta, black beans and plantain rice bowls… Many vegan dishes will now be on the menus of New York public schools every Friday, as reported vegetarian (article in English). Called “Vegan Fridays,” this initiative is being promoted by New York City Mayor Eric Adams and kicks off on Friday, February 4.

This program follows the Meatless Mondays and Meatless Fridays (Meatless Mondays and Fridays, in French), implemented in the city’s public schools in 2019 and 2021, respectively. Abandon the traditional pizzas and macaroni and cheese, this greening of plates seeks healthier food choices promote among young students. “They asked for it”said Eric Adams, mayor of New York, quoted by Vegconomist. “They have had enough of the food they get at school and want healthy options. » These vegan meals are distributed free of charge to nearly 930,000 students.

Plants to improve students’ quality of life

With the introduction of Vegan Fridays, the mayor of New York, who is herself a vegan, hopes to make an impact on the lifestyle of city students. “Plant-based options in schools mean healthier eating and living and a better quality of life for thousands of New York City students,” he said. By Vegan options are already offered daily in all schools in New York, the largest school district in the United States.

Despite these changes, New York students will still have non-vegan options on Fridays, if they request it. In addition, milk will still be offered, in accordance with federal guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture.

An initiative that is already inspiring other schools in the country, especially in California. When are vegan Fridays in France?

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