At the age of 8, he writes a book, hides it on a shelf in the municipal library…

It’s the kind of story that makes you smile. A Christmas miracle you might say? After sneaking the book he wrote and illustrated onto the shelves of the city library, Dillon Helbig, an 8-year-old American boy, has become a real star in his country. And the waiting list to borrow his precious story is growing every day!

The American media is tearing it up. At just 8 years old, Dillon Helbig inspires young and old alike with his career. the pupil of “second grade”, the equivalent of CE1, has an overflowing imagination. He spends most of his time writing stories and illustrating them. Until now, only his friends and family had the honor of discovering his stories. But with his latest work, Dillon Helbig .’s Christmas Adventuresan 81-page self-illustrated story, he wanted to reach a new audience…

The book tells the story of a little boy (himself) who is thrown into the past while decorating his Christmas tree. In question: the explosion of a star-shaped decoration. In words and drawings, Dillon tells about his journey through time and space.

secret mission

Who would have thought that Dillon would become the most popular author this year? It was without counting on the mischievous nature of the little boy. During his weekly visit to the public library in Boise, his small town in Idaho, the young author escaped his grandmother’s vigilance for a few minutes. He took the opportunity to slide the notebook that concluded his story onto the shelf in the section “illustrated books”.

Two days later, he confides his gesture to his mother. Together they go back to the library to see if the book is still there. He disappeared… They soon found out that it was an employee who, when he discovered the notebook, decided to take it home to let his 6-year-old son read. And the success is immediate, the little reader would have even declared that this was the funniest book he had ever read!

Faced with this enthusiasm, the library staff decided to officially introduce Dillon Helbig .’s Christmas Adventures in his collection. The story has since taken the media by storm and Dillon has become a local star. It takes a year to wait for the chance to borrow the book.

To facilitate access to the book and preserve the original, the library has plans to print copies. Publishers even approached Dillon and his family to publish his book. Meanwhile, the boy is already thinking about a sequel…

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