Entrepreneurship among young people: ethics is becoming increasingly attractive

Starting a business while working for the environment or society is a dream shared by many people. According to an OpinionWay barometer [1], produced for the France Active network and published on Thursday 17 February, almost two in two young people between the ages of 18 and 30 (47%) are said to be attracted to this professional career. A trend that is increasing despite the crisis.

Pierre-René Lemas, President of the France Active network, talks to France Inter “a reversal of perspectives”† While seniors worry about their job security, young people seem less concerned about this possibility. According to the barometer 27% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 30 prefer self-employed status to employee status† This share rises to 36% among 18 to 24-year-olds. According to the president of France Active, this trend is explained by the desire of the young generation to actively respond to the world around them.

“Young people tell themselves that they can get started, do useful and relevant thingsbut deep inside, if I take action, maybe I can take action to gradually move the world. †

Pierre-René Lemas, President of the France Active network

Objectives of collective interest

Indeed, for 65% of the young people surveyed, setting up a business is an effective way to: acting for an ethical, social or environmental purpose† Among the possible options:

  • a third party would like all employees are decision makers in their future business,
  • 27% want, through their company, acting on ecology and the environment
  • 29% say they want to creating jobs and social ties for example in difficult neighborhoods or remote places.

The fear of risk remains

For Pierre-René Lemas, these ambitions testify to:“objectives of collective interest” of this generation that grew up with the crisis. Small minus, the ideals of the interviewed young people are confronted with the harsh reality of the sector. 4 in 10 young people (41% of under 30s) said in the survey that they would be hesitant to create their structure for fear of failure, or because of the risks associated with this investment of time and money. The president of France Active sees it “pretty good news” : young people are realistic and know the risks of such an entrepreneurial adventure.

This is how the business creation support network can act. France Inter reports that in 2021 France Active supported 40% more entrepreneurs under the age of 30 than in 2019. With projects mostly related to the social and solidarity economy.

Data that gives hope.

[1] The Opinion Way barometer for France Active was conducted online, on 9 and 10 February, on a sample of 1019 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over.

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