Secours Catholique launches sustainable financing with a ‘committed’ life insurance

On Tuesday, February 15, Secours Catholique launched a “committed” life insurance policy that respects the environment, people and is exemplary. An entry into responsible financing that is surprising. explanation.

Secours Catholique has just struck a new chord in his mission to fight poverty. The organization has announced the launch of a “committed” life insurance contract called Kaori-Vie Le Figaro† Purpose of this new contract: offering “a fair remuneration and at the same time a meaningful savings product”explains the national newspaper Véronique Fayet, president of Kaori, the association of savers founded by Secours Catholique.

On its website, the association explains that the name Kaori refers to a New Zealand tree that: “Continues to thrive, even under extreme conditions”† How?’ Or ‘What? by demonstrating “solidarity”with the aim of “equitable circulation of resources” by sharing its roots with those of its peers. Thanks to this “underground network of solidarity”the strongest trees help the most vulnerable. “Water and Nutrients are thus bundled and distributed according to need. †

“We chose the symbol of a solidarity brotherhood, discreet but very effective. †

Véronique Fayet, president of Kaori

Low management costs

Also on its website, the association explains that the support it provides is: “Socially Responsible Investments (SRI), selected based on highly demanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria”† Moreover, “they exclude the most polluting actors and fund those whose practices are most virtuous, fight against global warming and promote social utility. †

To use the service that Kaori offers, the membership of the association costs 20 euros. The initial stake is set at EUR 500, with management fees of 0.8% and management fees of 0.30%. Then it is up to you to decide and build your portfolio according to the three themes identified by the association:

Photo: Kaori

Find all the necessary information on the Kaori website.

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