Endometriosis: This revolutionary test cuts the time to diagnosis from eight years to a few days

In France, one in ten women has endometriosis. In particular, this gynecological condition is responsible for severe pain during menstruation and is the leading cause of infertility in women in the national territory. This pathology, which is still little known, is also misdiagnosed: it would take an average of 7 to 8 years to diagnose. A time that could soon be shortened considerably thanks to a simple and revolutionary saliva test. explanation.

Endometriosis is a gynecological condition that can make everyday life particularly difficult. It is defined as the presence outside the uterine cavity of tissue similar to the endometrium, which will undergo the influence of hormonal changes during each subsequent menstrual cycle. A priori incurable endometriosis is responsible for disabling pelvic pain, especially during menstruation and intercourse. It can also cause infertility in 30 to 40% of cases. The symptoms are more or less intense and can sometimes go unnoticed. In France, it takes an average of eight years for women to be diagnosed with endometriosis.

To put an end to these diagnostic wanderings, Lyon-based start-up Ziwig has developed a revolutionary test thanks to a public-private partnership. 20 minutes† The company presented its “Endotest” to the press on Friday, February 11, a month after Emmanuel Macron’s announcement on the national strategy to fight endometriosis. This device could diagnose endometriosis through a simple and quick saliva test. Something to make the lives of millions of women easier.

A fast and 96% reliable saliva test

Ziwig has tested this innovative device on 200 women in several French public hospitals. Thanks to high-throughput sequencing and artificial intelligence, the team in charge of clinical studies has been able to determine the 109 biomarkers involved in endometriosis in 153 patients with endometriosis. “We worked on blood and salivasays Gilles Doumer, vice president of Ziwig, to our colleagues from 20 minutesThe big discovery is that saliva has an information quality and reliability that is equivalent to blood. †

Thereby, “This test will identify 96% of patients with endometriosis, regardless of its severity”, François Golfier, gynecologist assures. The principle is very simple: the patient receives a kit at home with a plastic tube into which she has to spit out her saliva. After closing, she sends this tube to the laboratory in the appropriate envelope. The latter then conducts a DNA sequencing of the patient to determine whether or not she has endometriosis. The result must be sent within a maximum of ten days. This self-sampling test is not only fast, but can be performed anywhere: there is no need to go to the lab, nor do you need to keep the sample cool.

For the time being, this test is not yet on the market. The start-up Ziwig is in talks with health authorities to obtain reimbursement for the device from social security. The company also wants to improve its device and hopes to be able to indicate the stage of the evolution of the disease soon, reports Release† A new study has already started involving 1,000 patients, in particular those suffering from infertility.

With a diagnosis in less than ten days and thanks to a simple spit, this “Endotest” is a small revolution that will help millions of women. It should be on sale soon.

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