Animal welfare: Bordeaux says stop on puppy or kitten fairs on its territory

Puppy and kitten shows are on the rise in France. Goal ? Let breeders and breeders discover different dog or cat breeds. But what about the welfare of these animals exposed as merchandise for several days? For Francis Feytout, Bordeaux City Councilor for Animal Welfare, these shows have no place in the region.

From February 12 to 13 a puppy show took place in Mérignac, a stone’s throw from Bordeaux. An event strongly opposed by defenders of the animal cause. On February 8, L’Arche des refuges, a Twitter account supporting animal protection organizations, warned elected municipal officials: “Why continue to host these compulsive shopping shows when abandonment explodes? † A pertinent comment to which Francis Feytout responded.

On the social network, the elected official of Bordeaux stated that Bordeaux closed the door to puppy and kitten exhibitions, favoring adoption grants. A welcome position, which is not surprising given that he belongs to the environmentally friendly majority and that Francic Feytout has made animal welfare his hobbyhorse at the town hall of Bordeaux.

The city has also taken several series of actions for the animal cause, most notably by offering an alternative to catching rabbits, or voting for the end of wild animals in circuses in Bordeaux.

An example to follow.

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