Everide: the application to equip yourself with second-hand outdoor sports equipment

The practice of sports opens up to the second hand. † If we want to keep riding, climbing, running or sleeping under the stars, we need to protect our playground and therefore radically change our habits.”explain the co-founders of Everide, an application dedicated to the purchase and sale of products specialized in outdoor sports, such as skis, backpacks or trail shoes.

Everide, launched in November 2021, is already enjoying great success, according to the echoes† With the key: a reduction in not only the purchase price (50 to 60% cheaper) but also their carbon footprint (divided by six). “We expect growth in the second-hand market, which could represent 20% within 10 years, compared to 5% today. We want to support practitioners, stores and brands in this necessary evolution to reduce the CO2 impact of products in the sector,” explains the echoes Julien Bronnert, co-founder of the application, created with Xavier De Le Rue, snowboard champion.

Several athletes have approved the approach and have sold some of their equipment on the platform to benefit associations committed to protecting the environment, such as Surfrider Europe, Protect Our Winters or Kilian Jornet Foundation. Among these professional athletes we find mountaineer Paul Bonhomme, climbers Nina Caprez and Liv Sansoz, skier Fabien Maierhofer and trail running champion Xavier Thévenard.

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On your (used) running shoes!

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