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Ecology: after the young graduates of AgroParisTech, the normaliens students revolt in turn

“We, students of the Ecoles Normals Supérieure (ENS), make a commitment: to rethink our priorities in choosing our research topics, by aligning our scientific practice with the pressing challenges of this century.” A few days after the broadcast of the speech of a group of 8 students from AgroParisTech during their graduation, The world published, Wednesday 11 May, a forum of 150 students of the Ecoles Normales Supérieures. Their subject remains in the same vein: the critique of an environment, this time research, too far removed from the environmental and social issues that could not be more urgent.

“In the coming years, the integrity of our societies will be threatened by the emergence of global crises – climatic, geopolitical, technological – that jeopardize the enormous potential we could pass on to future generations”warn the signatories of this forum before recalling the vital role of science:

“The main causes that perpetuate this damaging status quo often lie in the realm of political action. The sciences can only provide partial answers, but in an ever-changing and uncertain world they retain an essential role. Even in science, doing nothing is not without consequences.”

Propose new methodologies

Faced with the many constraints of the research and science community (competition, lack of funding, pressure), ENS students advocate the “developing responsible research”which they believe should be accompanied by “serious investments, giving us the resources to conduct quality, systemic, open and transformative science.”

To fulfill their commitment, future researchers have formed a collective, “Effisciences”. Their goal? Propose new research methodologies adapted to social and environmental issues, reports DNA

  • VIDEO. In full completion, 8 AgroParisTech students call on to flee the agro-industry
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