7 tips to welcome butterflies to your garden or balcony

If the caterpillar is known to be a vegetable garden parasite, the butterfly is an excellent pollinator for our crops. So, instead of chasing him out of your yard or balcony, invite him over and enjoy his unexpected benefits…

Like our friend the bee, the butterfly plays a vital role in the garden by pollinating flowering plants. Indeed, by landing on our plants, it is covered with pollen and ensures the fruiting of vegetable and fruit plants. Result ? Thanks to him, our crops are doing very well. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind.

#1 Plant nectar-rich flowers…

As you will have understood, the butterfly is attracted to honey-bearing plants (that is, rich in nectar or honeydew). So if you want to invite it into your garden or on your balcony, it is best to give preference to nectar-rich flowers. This is the case of the hollyhock, the cnautie of the fields, the sunflower, the valerian, the mustard or even the daisy.

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#2 … And aromatics

In the vegetable garden, near your tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers, reserve a small corner for aromatic plants whose nectar is a treat for butterflies. Thyme, parsley, dill, fennel, rosemary… you are free to choose the herbs that will delight your taste buds and benefit the butterflies.

#3 Stop using the pesticide

This is rule number one for promoting biodiversity in the garden. If you want to see butterflies circling in your vegetable garden or orchard, ban phytosanitary products that destroy thousands of insects. Instead, opt for natural remedies to create the healthiest environment possible.

In addition, it is advisable to let nature bloom. To do this, do not cut all the nettles and other “weeds” that invite into your garden. On the contrary, always remember to leave a small wild space.

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#4 Tolerate the presence of caterpillars

All butterflies pass through the pupa stage. Wanting to attract butterflies to your garden also means accepting them as caterpillars. So consider growing plants and trees that feed on these larvae. This is the case for cherries, plums, hops, violets or even elderberries…

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#5 Install a water point

Like most insects, butterflies need water to quench their thirst, especially in summer. So consider putting a bowl in your garden or on your balcony and even put a small pond. This water point benefits butterflies, but also dragonflies, ladybugs, birds…

#6 Protect yourself from the wind

Butterflies love the sun, but much less the wind, which is not without danger to their fragile wings. Therefore, if you want to entice them to your garden or your balcony, protect your exterior with massive shrubs, hedges, creepers such as wisteria which, in addition to protecting insects from the wind, lightly perfume your exterior.

Remember, the butterfly is a precious ally to our plants, crops and biodiversity.

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