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The unfiltered testimony of the co-founder of Time for the planet, after his burnout

Success, secrets of success, learning, moments of pride… On LinkedIn, users of this professional network often show their best side. But this Wednesday, May 11, Arthur Auboeuf, co-founder of Time for the planet, took the opposite of these habits to share a much more personal publication: His body let go. In question ? A workload that is too heavy. He tells.

“Well, here you go, after 10 years of entrepreneurship at full throttle, my body is sending me a clear message today: the real successes are not those we achieve at the expense of our health.” Arthur Auboeuf heads straight for it, despite the advice of his entourage, he says, not to speak publicly about what he’s just experienced. “It seems to me that you need to know how to be honest and also show the less cool sides of a life that is too intense. Especially on LinkedIn, the temple of ‘success stories’ and supermen.”

So there you have it, the entrepreneur’s story is no surprise, that ofa daily life with long hours, lack of sleep and trips to all corners of France

“A few days ago, after another big week, when I came home at 1am from a day of 2 conferences in 2 different cities, I felt something crack in my head and my body told my mind to fuck off .”

Arthur Auboeuf collapses from exhaustion. “Completely sore, frozen. I couldn’t get out of bed for 24 hours.” In photos also shared on the social network, the co-founder of Time for the planet shows physical consequences: red dots appeared on his skin and part of his beard has simply disappeared.

“Listen to yourself”

This speech shows how far certain speeches by public figures are from their own reality. This is what the entrepreneur himself recognizes by writing: “I who constantly plead for balance, as much nature as possible, sport, tranquility (…) my passion prevents me from seeing that I pile up the mental load and that I sometimes neglect the fragility of the human brain and body”

To avoid the worst for other entrepreneurs, Arthur Auboeuf remembers these basic principles: “Listen to yourself. Being clear isn’t being weak, it’s being strong.”

“Put two more hours into your work at the end of an already busy day. It’s 100 times less productive than what we release daily when these two hours are used to stay clear.”

The publication of this text generated more than 16,000 responses and 1,000 responses. Evidence that these speeches have a strong impact on LinkedIn users and that business leaders have a responsibility to talk about mental health.

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