To attract tourists this summer, this Italian mountain resort relies on the sounds of nature

To promote its touristic heritage, the Italian mountain resort of Courmayeur is launching a campaign… all right! An original playlist, composed of sounds of the fauna and flora of the region.

No ultra-smooth photos or video spots this year. The promotion is valid exclusively for the mountain resort of Courmayeur Mont-Blanc, located in northern Italy in the Valle d’Aosta. The city had the idea to “to put hearing first again, at a time when images dominate”by a 100% natural compilation.

Imagined and designed by Turin musician Max Casacci, member of the Italian rock group Subsonica, the soundtrack invites our ears to familiarize ourselves with the ambient sounds of Val Ferret and Val Fény (located at the foot of Mont-Blanc).

Birdsong, the sounds of water from waterfalls flowing over stones, the breath of the wind… Broadcast until August on Spotify, on the Courmayeur website, as well as in several European countries (Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland) via a QR code, this tourist sound campaign worthy of an ASMR program will take you almost immediately to the Alps. A blessing for souls who need nature, who dream of the abundance of lakes and forests, far from the tumult of cities and crowded beaches.

Additional proof that well-being is now also through the ears: silence is increasingly sought after. New holy grail for city vacationers seeking peace and quiet, it is gradually becoming a tourist criterion. Good news for these travelers: there are completely silent parks, which are listed by an American association as “quiet parks”.

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