Deux-Sèvres: to see their garden differently, residents can invite a nature guide

Did you know ? One of the main causes of the collapse of biodiversity is the destruction and fragmentation of natural environments. In this context, your gardens also play a role: in order to allow the inhabitants of Haut-Val-de-Sèvre to respond concretely to their immediate environment, the community of communes offers to welcome a nature animator in their home. A free device, available now and until August.

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” A nature animator in your garden »

To protect biodiversity, you must already know that it exists. The Municipal Biodiversity Atlases draw up an inventory of the environments and species present on the scale of a community of municipalities. This system should make it possible to better integrate biodiversity issues into spatial planning.

Voluntarily and with the support of the French Biodiversity Agency, the municipality of Haut-Val-de-Sèvre has implemented its Atlas, called Inven’terre. This year’s surgery “A nature facilitator in your garden” is being renewed. In collaboration with several environmental education associations, this program allows every resident of Haut-Val-de-Sèvre to welcome a nature companion in their home: the opportunity to devise solutions at their own level to preserve biodiversity.

Restore ecological corridors

During their life cycle, species have to move: to compensate for increasing urbanization, it is therefore necessary to develop ecological corridors.

“Gardens are intermediate environments between housing, wild fauna and flora. And faced with the fragmentation of natural environments, they contribute to the consolidation of a network of biological corridors that are essential for preserving local biodiversity. †

Community of communes of Haut-Val-de-Sèvres

“A nature facilitator in your garden” creates the opportunity for a meeting between individuals and nature professionals. Residents are advised on good practices and minor adjustments to make their garden a welcoming place for different forms of life.

Small gestures that can make a big difference: protecting biodiversity starts at home!

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