Formerly homeless, Enora fought to prevent the destruction of her 18m2 chalet

A former homeless person, Enora has found her little paradise in the town of Les Touches, in the Loire-Atlantique. In 2018, this 37-year-old domestic worker built a small wooden chalet of 18 m2 on a vacant lot of more than 2,000 m2. A light living environment that was not to the liking of the town hall. To defend her atypical way of life and advocate a case-by-case study of light habitat installations like hers, Enora told her story to The scout of Châteaubriantreports

His house is cramped, disconnected and isolated. But Enora no longer needs to live. “demountable”his wooden chalet was “built on piles and therefore without foundation”, underlines whoever designed the building. Problem: The 1930s did not ask her municipality’s town hall to carry out the work. In March 2022 Enora is dan “prosecuted for three crimes” by the municipality:

  • Carrying out work without a building permit
  • Violation of the provisions of the local urban plan (PLU)
  • Irregular caravan set-up for more than 3 months a year

Fight to keep his paradise

According to the town hall, without a building permit, this bright living environment had no place on the land of the woman, but the owner did. The council then asks to simply destroy the chalet. Determined to fight to keep her precious paradise, Enora hires a lawyer and ultimately wins the case. ” I was lucky “she explains to the local newspaper.

“I came across a very human judge, who was really interested in my story. So I had extenuating circumstances: my homeless past, my sick mother, and also the fact that I was really clearing this land that was a wasteland.


Indeed, when she bought the land in question in 2017, Enora had just lived left and right in her caravan for three years. This wasteland, classified as agricultural leisure, offers him a place to finally settle. Dotted with brambles and asbestos and scrap metal, the land is gradually being restored by Enora.

The following year, the construction of his chalet started with a friend of a mensuier-carpenter. Home help invests 10,000 euros in housing and supplements this amount to buy solar panels, the only source of electricity. For washing, doing the dishes or cooking, Enora recycles rainwater and dry toilets allow her to do her job. On the heating side, she currently uses an oil stove, but plans to switch to wood.

“I’ve always wanted to live close to nature, very simply and with as few superficial needs as possible.”


A fine of 200 euros

In her conflict with the municipality, Enora is doing well since she was sentenced to pay a fine of 200 euros, 100 of which are conditional. Enora will therefore be able to continue living on her land and welcome her mother, who is ill, to her caravan. She uses her media coverage to raise awareness of the shelter conditions of people who have adopted minimalist lifestyles and live in light habitats.

“We are often” stigmatized. There are people who squat land and do all sorts of things there. It’s not my case,” she explains to the scout“Each case has to be studied individually. And I also regret that there is often no room for discussion. †

A story that gives a behind-the-scenes look at light habitats in France.

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