VIDEO. AgroParisTech’s “deserters” meet on Saturday to “split together”

A week ago the publication of the video of the eight students “forks” of AgroParisTech did the fuss : During their graduation, they invited the rest of their PhD to leave agribusiness. Today the “branching agros” launch a wider appeal: they encourage anyone who has liked or shared their video on the web to meet in person. See you this Saturday at noon, across France, in front of the town hall of the nearest town.

It is a message of hope carried by this new video from the students “deserts” from AgroParisTech: not only addressing their fellow engineers, but also “all those who are trapped in harmful jobs or practices, and all those who have already deserted”, they call for general mobilization. This Saturday, May 21 at noon, in front of the town hall of the nearest town, the 8 deserters invite you to a meeting “split up together”† This is their call:

“The conclusion is clear: this system is a monster that is out of breath.
No one contradicted us on this point.
And millions even shared our cry for freedom.
So many of you have talked about it with us, to have talked about it with others!

We speak today with you who have been relocated.
To you who ever refused the path marked out by this system,
the one promoted by your parents, your studies or your colleagues.
To you fighting to protect a piece of the world’s beauty.
And also for you who dreams of doing it.
It’s hard to split, and much harder for many than for us.

We’ve all experienced this fear of being judged, whether it’s the environment we like
exit or via the environment to which you want to connect.
All experienced this fear of not knowing what to do with our two hands,
And that dizzying loneliness that precedes the first step.
It was encounters that decided us,
Because of whom we trust each other.
These are encounters that propelled us toward the life we ​​want.
So: let’s meet!

From now on, it’s about what’s going to happen in the coming weeks.
What matters is what is going to be discussed now, what is going to be done now, except…
of the screen you are looking at.
You who have already branched out, or who have struggled, who have so much to share.
You who hesitate, or who dream of branching off, who have so many things to try.

Let’s start leaving the absurdity of the Internet and the fascination of screens
Let’s meet on Saturday afternoon, in front of the town hall of the nearest town
To a meal, ideas, concrete,
To give us the means to leave our harmful jobs without fear of the end of the month,
To build our material autonomy locally, without the multinationals, without the
Gafams, and without the bureaucracy
To create common spaces that allow for division: farms, workshops,
To reclaim knowledge and know-how, from medicine to woodworking,
from the vegetable garden to poetry.
To strengthen the collectives fighting against inequalities and oppression,
To destroy the harmful projects around us,
And take that first step towards new ways of living.

Let’s invite the people around us,
Let’s go together
And let’s decide for ourselves how to proceed.

Saturday 21:05 at 12:00 in front of the town hall of the nearest municipality.
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