Couch, pillows, clothes: to get rid of stubborn odors, think of vodka

Can’t stand the stench of cold tobacco at home anymore? One of your clothes still smells like sweat despite being in the washing machine? If you want to get rid of a slightly too persistent and unpleasant smell, vodka is your best ally. This is the tip of the day discovered on TikTok!

Forget classic air fresheners. If you want to skip chemicals to freshen up your home, shop for…liquor now! And yes, vodka has the ability to remove stubborn bad odors. Vodka is even used in theaters to get rid of bad smells and is the latest household tip in vogue on TikTok.

Valid on clothing, as well as on the fabrics of sofas and curtains, the vodka technique is very easy to use. Even a cheap vodka can suffice for this. All you need is a spray bottle into which you can pour your pure vodka. And now, voila! Simple and effective, the homemade air freshener is ready to use. You can now spray the liquid on any fabric that has been impregnated with an unpleasant odor.

While you can use pure vodka, some like to add a few drops of their favorite essential oil. Don’t worry, when it dries, the smell of vodka will disappear along with the other scents. This way you don’t smell the alcohol at work. A trick to use without moderation!

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