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How do you properly prepare your bike? 6 points to check before hitting the road this summer.

If you’re planning to hit the road by bike this summer, to simply relax from your daily grind or for longer rides with friends or family, there are a few points worth checking out and paying attention to. pay attention to the smallest detail so as not to risk a stupid mechanical incident or, worse, an accident.

The tires

It is imperative to check the quality and pressure of the tires, which should ideally be around 5 bar. If necessary, do not hesitate to replace the inner tube if it is damaged. In general, you should inspect your tires before each use, if only to make sure they are not too worn or split in the grooves. If this is the case, a quick extension will have to be considered.

The wheels

In the continuity of the tires, the whole wheels should be inspected. It is also very simple, because you only have to turn them to check that the rims are not bent. You should also look closely at the spokes to determine if any are bent or even broken.

the brakes

For obvious safety concerns, you should also remember to check the condition of your bicycle’s brake cables along their entire length to make sure they are functioning properly. A simple visual check is usually sufficient, as with the brake pads. Before you start, it is still necessary to test the assembly to make sure that the braking system is working correctly, without hitches. It is also an opportunity to check whether the direction is still correct.

The transmission

With regard to the transmission system of the bicycle, generally a simple look is enough to assess the wear of the chain, the best thing is that it is not too thin. Don’t forget to also check the condition of the teeth of the chainrings and sprockets. After all elements have been checked, the chain must be lubricated.


Also regularly check the condition of your bicycle’s lighting. It must indeed work perfectly, both at the rear and at the front. If necessary, it will be necessary to replace the power supply and/or the lamps.

Safety equipment

Before you get on the bike, you should also check that your helmet is in good condition, not bumping and not too worn. As a reminder, at the slightest shock, it is strongly recommended to change it. Otherwise, a helmet must be replaced every 5 years, even if it does not appear damaged. It is also advisable to wear gloves and knee pads in good condition.

(ETX Daily Up)

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