Greenpeace launches a guide to help you travel green this summer

Haven’t selected a holiday destination yet and are you planning to travel by train? This new ‘green traveler’s guide’, compiled by the NGO Greenpeace, can help you make your choice.

Whether you go for one, two or three weeks, this eco-friendly travel guide offers 41 destinations across Europe, from the Basque coast to the Channel Islands through the Norwegian fjords, the German Black Forest, to the Balkans and even Istanbul! Routes that make us want to travel in Europe, but above all that we realize that other routes are possible, without taking the air route.

A concern that is far from anecdotal. For example, did you know that a Paris-Milan trip by plane is equivalent to 147 kg of CO2 equivalent, compared to just 2.8 kg of CO2 by train, according to Greenpeace? Which makes us think about the way we travel, especially when there are direct lines to make these journeys. This is also the case for an increasing number of French men and women, especially young people, who are increasingly prone to “flight shaming”, as several studies have conducted in recent years.

However, diving into the exploration of the European rail network to draw the roadmap can quickly become a real headache. That is exactly the purpose of this new guide, designed by Greenpeace. “Relaxing on the beach or taking a trip to a European capital and protecting the climate at the same time is possible. But it is not always easy to know where to go… and above all how”admits the NGO.

To help travelers assess the CO2 impact of their chosen modes of transport for their holiday trip, an infographic summarizes the CO2 impact of each type of transport, be it plane, diesel car, bus, electric car or the TGV.

Tips to learn to travel differently

Be reassured : the guide is designed to be accessible to as many people as possible, but also because not all destinations are always accessible only by rail. So don’t feel guilty if you’re planning to travel to Montenegro by ferry from Italy. That’s a good start, as you’ll be traveling by train for much of your journey. “Taking the ferry instead of the plane invites us to rediscover distances, it is a first step towards slower travel”emphasize the authors of the guide.

But green travel is not just limited to transport, you will object to it. And you are absolutely right, because it is also about the type of accommodation reserved and the best practices to be applied. For example, Greenpeace reminds us to avoid crowded sites in high season, to conserve them or to respect wildlife (“do not disturb the fauna and do not deteriorate the flora”

The guide also lists eco-responsible establishments (for example, greener alternatives to Airbnb such as the Green Go site or We Go GreenR). The book for backpackers and self-employed backpackers also lists many resources.

If you feel like an adventurous mood to organize a getaway in nature, the map “Recto Verso” published by the site The others will surely be helpful to you. Just like the Direkt bahn site, which maps the European rail network. Handy if you’re looking for a way to get to Croatia by night train from Switzerland!

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