Colon cancer: online solutions to make screening more accessible

For “Blue March,” a month dedicated to raising awareness of colorectal cancer screening, the League Against Cancer laments “low participation in screening.” So, to facilitate access to tests, digital solutions will be implemented in 2022.

Will “Blue Mars” be a game changer? As the awareness month of colorectal cancer screening approaches, there is still insufficient screening. “Due to the recorded delays, many cancers are diagnosed in more advanced stages”Daniel Nizri, voluntary president of the League Against Cancer, is concerned.

“The situation is worrying: access to screening is becoming more complex, especially in certain areas, exacerbating inequalities. There is an urgent need to facilitate access to screening tests and improve their availability to make up for the delay caused by the health crisis. †

To make screening accessible, it is possible to register online. After receiving a letter informing the patient that they are eligible for the test, the person should go to this site, with their identification number. A series of questions follows to determine the legitimacy of the test. The test will then be sent by post to those who qualify. For the results, go to this second website. All men and women aged 50 to 74 are concerned about this screening.

Why have it tested? Colon cancer can be cured in more than 90% of cases if diagnosed early. declares the League Against Cancer. Still, 43,000 people are affected by colorectal cancer each year, leading to an average of 17,000 deaths. It is the second deadliest cancer in France.

There are simple and effective ways to prevent colon cancer, so don’t wait to get tested.

(ETX Daily Up)

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