Beauty: French women no longer swear by organic and natural cosmetics, a guarantee of transparency

Women have not waited for the pandemic to introduce organic or natural cosmetics into their beauty routine, but it is clear that the health crisis has accelerated this transition. A new study reveals that almost all adult French women have tested and approved this type of cosmetic, whether they want to maintain their health or protect the planet.

Abandon the elaborate formulas, French women are now relying more and more on organic and natural cosmetics, which seems to reassure them. The Slow Cosmétique* Label, in collaboration with Harris Interactive, takes stock of the buying behavior of French women in this area and the result proves that organic and natural products are no longer – far from – a utopia, although quite the contrary . The survey shows that more than nine in ten French women aged 18 to 50 (92%) buy natural or organic cosmetics at least once a year, and nearly six in ten do not hesitate to buy at least once every three months. to calculate.

Health as motivation

This type of beauty product now seems firmly established in women’s beauty routines, albeit at more or less regular frequencies, depending on the profile. And contrary to popular belief, it is not their environmental concerns that drive French women to buy organic or natural cosmetics, at least not in the first place. Nearly half of those surveyed (47%) consider maintaining health as the most important purchase criterion for their cosmetics, far exceeding respect for the environment (17%).

And if the pandemic has returned local trade to its nobility in different and diverse fields, it seems that this is not (yet) the case in cosmetics. Only 8% of the respondents believe that local production and/or made in France are a source of motivation for purchasing their cosmetics. Purchasing habits that change, in short, but gradually and according to specific expectations.

Yes to organic, but in supermarkets

Another note and not the least important, the purchases of organic or natural cosmetics are not made with priority in specialized stores. French women turn first to large and medium-sized stores, up to 76%, then to pharmacies and drugstores (41%), e-commerce brands (25%) and finally to organic brands and stores (17%).

The Slow Cosmétique Label is awarded to brands whose formulas are intended to be healthy, ecological and intelligent, and which also commit to developing equally healthy marketing, without greenwashing or outlandish promises. Something that seduces French women in search of transparency. Eight out of ten women surveyed find the association’s approach interesting, and even more think that the label can steer the industry in the right direction (92%). For nearly nine out of ten women (88%) it is even a pledge of confidence.

* Harris Interactive conducted this survey online for the Slow Cosmétique Label between February 4 and 8, 2022, with a sample of 563 women, representative of the French population of women aged 18 to 50. For more information:

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