Grandmother’s Day: 9 gift ideas to please her

Manual Activities for Grannies Who Can’t Sit Still

1. A garden box to grow your green fingers

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Does your grandmother love gardening, growing flowers, aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables that her balcony has become a veritable botanical garden? With the boxes of Mon Petit Coin Vert, he was able to grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables on his balcony, in his garden and even on his windowsill. Every month she receives:

  • 2 bags of organic seeds for the balcony or in the garden
  • The gardener’s newspaper with many garden tips, recipes and DIY
  • 1 horticultural surprise (tools, fertilizer, decoration, etc.)
  • 6 coconut kernels to start growing

Doesn’t she really have a green thumb? Don’t panic, she will benefit from personal advice from Jean-Jacques, a horticultural teacher, and from the support group on Facebook!

2. Craft workshops to make your own objects

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When we talk about your grandmother, do you see a dynamic person who likes to go out, learn new things and meet people? What if you offer him a Wecandoo craft workshop? Pottery, stationery and ceramics, textiles, jewelry, cooking, the Wecandoo workshops give him the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience with artisans from his region, among a hundred workshops. The goal: to give free rein to her creativity and to offer her an original outing that she will remember for a long time!

Surprise boxes for those who want to break the routine

3. An initiation journey around chocolate

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Does your grandma like chocolate cakes? Tell me about a chocolate offers him the opportunity to live a real sensory and taste experience around cocoa. The principle is simple: every month she receives a box with three premium and sustainable dark chocolate bars, an introductory brochure on a gastronomic theme, all carefully packed in a fair trade and reusable jute bag.

4. Books chosen especially for her

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Since your Mamé is a man of letters, fond of reading and a lover of beautiful letters, we cannot recommend a better gift idea than the Kube box. This is a monthly box to discover a book specially selected according to one’s tastes and desires by a passionate independent bookseller. Depending on his taste, you can opt for a selection of pocket-sized or large-format books.

In any case, the box comes with a carefully chosen tea and little surprises to enjoy while reading. Plus, she can even choose her bookseller, decide to validate the book choice with him, or keep the total surprise!

5. Natural Beauty Products to Stay Flirty

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Does your grandmother like to take care of herself and attach great importance to the cosmetic products she uses? With the NUOO box, you offer her the opportunity to discover organic or natural products to take care of her, regardless of her age. By subscribing to this beauty box, designed in recycled and recyclable cardboard, she will receive every month:

  • 3 natural, healthy and effective cosmetics adapted to your beauty profile
  • The magazine with advice on natural beauty, encounters and recipes to stay flirty
  • A small gastronomic or lifestyle surprise, but always green and ethical, selected especially for her

An intangible gift for grandmothers who consume usefully

6. Online courses because there is no age limit to learn…

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Fine arts, languages, general culture and even digital initiation, the Skilleos platform may very well satisfy your super grandma’s curiosity and eagerness to learn! With a gift certificate, your grandma can take the time to learn new things and even new skills at their own pace. At the end of each online course, she receives a certificate of completion and finds the most important thing – the taste for learning.

7. A symbolic gift for biodiversity

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Tired of superficial gifts, what if you gave him a symbolic and committed gift for biodiversity? This is what Reforest’Action offers you by giving you the opportunity to offer a tree to your grandmother. As well as symbolizing life, the love it represents, you give it the opportunity to fight climate change and protect the lives of millions of animal species. A gift with a very special symbolism as the offered tree grows and ages with the owner.

A little attention, because that’s all that matters

8. A bouquet of seasonal flowers

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Do you just want to tell her that you’re thinking of her with a little careful attention? What could be better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers to show your affection for your grandmother? For Grandmother’s Day, Florajet’s creative florists offer to deliver bouquets and compositions of fresh seasonal flowers. Anemones, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, primroses, which flowers do you think will melt your favorite grandmother’s heart?

9. A little attention in a 100% personalized box

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And if among all these ideas you still haven’t found THE gift that will light up your beloved grandmother’s eyes, we can only recommend Petit Cube’s 100% personalized small gift boxes. Halfway between a card and gift wrapping, the Petit Cube box will allow you to place a few photos of you and your family, a message full of love, a small gift (choose from the many proposals on the site) and some candy to remind her of her childhood and how much you think of her.

So we hope these gift ideas will enable you to find your happiness… and most importantly make your grandmother’s!

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