Has sleep become the new indulgence of the French population since the pandemic?

After two years of a pandemic, in which sleep has been undermined, 25% of French people say they sleep well, even very well, reveals a survey published on the occasion of Sleep Day which will take place on March 18. Even more surprising, 62% are willing to trade an evening with friends for a good night’s sleep.

What relationship do the French have with their bed? Known for taking sleeping pills, more and more French people are said to be falling asleep. According to a survey conducted by Wopilo*, a bedding brand, 70% of those surveyed consider sleeping a pleasure. For almost one in two respondents (46%) it would be their secret, shape, beauty or even intelligence.

The slow life trend is taking hold

Take it easy and take time for yourself. This is the purpose of the “slow life” way of life that seems to be part of the French way of life. Leave outings. 62% of respondents say they are willing to sacrifice an evening with friends for a good night’s sleep. The same goes for series. 53% of respondents say they are ready to put off watching an episode to bed.

Will the French meet themselves? According to the results, only 22% of respondents are willing to prioritize sleep over conversation with a loved one. In terms of physiological needs, 36% of French people can prioritize sleep over a good meal. Finally, “19% prefer Morpheus’ arms to part of the legs in the air…!”we can read in the study.

“The French would rather sacrifice ‘social’, outward-looking activities (a night out, a movie) than more personal, more intimate pleasures”says Thomas Hervet, founder of Wopilo in a press release.

Fight stress

Everyone has their own routine to fall asleep. According to the results of the survey, 33% of respondents choose “for the natural power of endorphins after sex”† More ‘classic’, more than one in two French people like to read (56%) and 44% choose a film or a series. Meditation is gradually getting a place in the bed of the French (20%). We also find the timeless relaxing herbal tea in 26% of the respondents.

Sometimes sleep can be delayed. According to 70% of the respondents, stress “the greatest enemy of their sleep”† Noise prevents 45% of respondents from falling asleep. Cervical tensions round out the stage at 4%.

For this research, Wopilo interviewed 725 people from February 25 to March 1, 2022

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